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Hey there, Marriott team!

Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate the opportunity, and we're ready to jump in. We put together this summary page for you along with some competitive insights to show our commitment.

After meeting, we believe we are your ideal partner. Here’s why ...

We are dedicated

We work as an extension of your team, always driving toward your goals

We are

fiercely agile

We will customize our process to meet your needs, and we share your sense of urgency

We are a senior team

We are a group of experienced card marketers, armed with proven best practices

We operate on multiple levels

We manage complex execution while bringing higher-level, fresh thinking

Here are the action items we heard in the meeting, and believe we can help solve

Increasing your ownable channel mix as a lever for scale 

Optimizing your conversion rate to improve funnel metrics
Increasing personalization for a more effective user experience 
Determining a strategic plan to acquiring more SMB leads

Top 5 insights we’re seeing across hotel and travel credit card acquisition


Trust icons & social proof

While travel cards like Chase Sapphire and Capital One Venture are showcasing star ratings and reviews as credibility and proof of value, Royal Caribbean and Wyndham Rewards Earner Access cards are leveraging awards and accolades from industry publications as an advantage. Interestingly, the praise promoted by the latter two is actually tied to the loyalty program and cruise line, not the card itself.


Points calculators

Both IGH Rewards and Capital One Venture are using points calculators as a comparison tool between card tiers. Users can input their typical spend to visualize how many points they’ll earn with each tier, then they can use that information as a decision factor in selecting their preferred level.



Robust direct mail formats

Several major travel and hotel cards are spending big on direct mail formats, including large brochures and booklets with large amounts of real estate. Shown here are booklets from AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, Hilton Honors American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card. They are joined by Chase Sapphire, Capital One Venture X and others who have invested in substantial, high-end mail pieces.


We’re also seeing significant format testing from United Club Infinite Card, including multiple different self-mailer configurations.

Loyalty points

Although personalizing point total is nothing new, it remains a trend because it makes an offer feel even more valuable and more tangible. Issuers like AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles and Southwest Rapid Rewards are infusing it into their creative – both online and offline.



Official direct mail

While travel and hotel card marketing is typically somewhat promotional, featuring destination and experiential photography, cards including Chase Sapphire, United Explorer MileagePlus card, and jetBlueCard are exploring stripped-down, official-looking communications that are completely devoid of imagery and graphics.

As a reminder, here's some background on Pragmatic ... 


We achieve meaningful results

Our team has over 200 years of experience working with issuers and co-brands including Capital One, Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Gap, Sony, Southwest Airlines and more.


We put our expertise to work for our clients by employing a set of creative best practices to drive action and generate greater results. And when we deliver strategic and creative recommendations, they’re informed by decades of in-market, real-world experience.

  Top objectives we help accomplish  


Lower your CPA


Increase activation


Drive usage / purchase volume


Reduce attrition / improve retention



We are a Visa agency

We work with issuers and banks through Visa to solve these objectives and more, across the customer lifecycle. Visa trusts us to provide strategic, creative and executional services to their teams and clients.

Overview of our services

Image by Clay Banks


Card launch


Early-month-on-book (EMOB) / Activation

Usage stimulation

Loyalty & retention

Rewards earn & burn

Product cross-sell

Anti-attrition / inactive



Direct mail

Card carriers

Card design

Statement inserts & messaging

Landing page & site experience

Retail branch

Employee training & incentives

Paid social & display


Educational content


Email and digital development

Print production management

Marketing automation platform

Reporting & analytics

Read our latest thoughts on the card marketing world

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Were here for you, Marriott team!

Want to get in touch? Feel free to email Brooke at

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