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Get more leads with experts running your search and social media advertising

We're a seasoned team who runs lead generation for the world's biggest tech brands


Now let us do it for you

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Here are just a few of our world-class clients

Get quality leads the easy way with experts running your digital marketing

  • We'll handle all of the details

  • You'll get reports on a biweekly basis

  • You don't have to lift a finger

Schedule a 20-min meeting now and we'll assess your current digital marketing program for free.

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Award-winning lead gen program for a leading ERP software platform

When our client sought to generate larger lead volumes amongst small to medium sized businesses, we delivered ...

500 leads and $500,000 in closed deals per month
“Pragmatic has propelled our program to effortlessly generate high-value leads. Their expertise and quick, quality work have been invaluable.”

Evan Meister

Growth Marketing at Motive

Expect fair, transparent pricing

Here's a sample pricing breakout:


Search or social ad management

$5,000 / mo


Search + social ad management

$7,500 / mo


Search + social ad mgmt + landing page

$10,000 / mo

Creative + automation

Ad development + marketing automation

Cost varies

As a benchmark, our clients typically spend a minimum of about $200,000 per year on digital marketing, including our management fees as well as the actual ad spend.

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Generate leads and customers across digital channels

Choose the channels that best fit your goals and budget

Search Engine Marketing

Ensure your most compelling message appears as your prospects are searching for your product or your brand.

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Social Media Ads

Gain more clicks and customers from social media advertising across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We'll even set up testing strategies to learn which ads perform best.

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Landing Pages

Driving clicks is only half the battle. Once users click, where do they go? What does the page say? Let us host as well as create your landing pages.

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Additional Channels

  • Creative and content – We develop the creative (design and copy) for your ads, along with corresponding eBooks, white papers, etc.

  • Email marketing & automation – Email can be a powerful tool for generating and nurturing leads. Let us set up journeys and build emails within your CRM platform.

  • Is this a software platform that I need to learn?
    Nope! We're a team of experts that will run your social and search advertising programs for you. That means we'll handle all the details, and we'll share reporting on a regular basis. Think of us as an extension of your digital marketing team.
  • Is there a lead guarantee?
    No, there is a not a lead guarantee because the leads you'll get are coming from your own search and social media programs (unlike lead aggregators).
  • Where do the leads come from?
    Your leads will come directly from your search and social media advertising campaigns. They are not purchased from other websites or funneled to you from other sources. Every lead you get will come to you because they clicked on your brand's marketing.
  • How much does it cost?
    Pricing starts at $5,000 per month for search or social program management. Check out our pricing section above for all the details.
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Grow your business with more digital marketing leads

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