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  • Amanda Russo

Campaign spotlight: Generating measurable & award-winning results

We’re proud to share our results and corresponding awards driven by a recent project with Unison. Through our strategic approach, we were able to transform highly targeted B2B prospects into motivated brand ambassadors with a multi-stage, behavior-based journey.

Campaign overview

Unison HomeBuyer is a home co-investment solution through which home buyers get cash toward a larger down payment in exchange for a share of the future change in value of the home they purchase. Because it’s difficult to identify home buyers at the exact point in their home buying process where Unison is relevant, real estate agents are a key target. However, reaching them and gaining traction within the industry had previously been a challenge. We set out to change all that – and to turn the real estate agent opportunity into a robust and active channel partner community, starting with a pilot campaign in the Bay Area. Using a carefully crafted three-stage funnel strategy integrated across multiple channels, we successfully excited, educated and activated real estate agents as Unison HomeBuyer ambassadors. And by harnessing the power of direct response best practices coupled with strategic insights, we drove a result that was 960% above goal.


Our audience was essentially cold leads (real estate agents within the MLS database who had an active listing, sale or purchase within the past year) with little-to-no awareness of Unison. Therefore, our sole goal with this initial 4-touch email stream was to gather an “opt-in”: a click or a call.

4-Touch Email Stream

Once a user clicked or called, they were transferred to Phase 2: Lead Nurture. If a user received all four emails without clicking or calling, they were sent the same series once again with new subject lines.

Direct Mail Letter + Brochure

The 2,000 most valuable real estate agents also received a direct mail piece with an over-sized envelope, letter, and brochure.

Demand Generation Landing Page

The Demand Generation landing page integrated seamlessly not only into the user flow from our communications, but also reflected the new brand recently launched by Unison.


After a click or call, real estate agents were dropped into the Lead Nurture phase, during which they received a deeper level of education on how Unison HomeBuyer works and how it can help them get ahead. Each email drove to a landing page featuring a short webinar.

4-Touch Email Stream

Once a user clicked through to the landing page or called, they were transferred to Phase 3: Activation. If a user received all four emails without clicking or calling, they were sent the same series once again with new subject lines.

Lead Nurture Landing Page

The Lead Nurture landing page utilized performance creative best practices for driving action, prioritizing webinar registration.


During the final stage of the campaign, real estate agents were encouraged to refer clients to Unison. They were excited about the product and educated on its value. So our job was to make it as easy as possible to begin making referrals.

4-Touch Email Stream

If a user received all four emails without clicking or calling, they were sent the same series once again with new subject lines.

Direct Mail Letter + Folder + Handouts

In addition to the 4-touch email stream above, real estate agents were also given a direct mail piece including a letter, sell sheet folder, and handouts, hand-delivered by their Regional Manager. The folder and handouts were easy to bring to listings and helpful when explaining the product to clients.

Activation Landing Page

The Activation landing page was actually more than just a landing page. It was a resource center for real estate agents, including tips on explaining the product, a property pre-qualification engine, videos and more.


This pilot campaign targeted 13,000 real estate agents in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ultimate goal was the establishment of “activated” agents, meaning agents who were ready and willing to refer their clients to Unison. Other secondary metrics included sales calls and opt-ins for future communications.

After just a few months, the campaign achieved a result that was 960% above goal for the key objective. Put simply, we activated ten times the number of real estate agents that we had optimistically expected.

Based on these results and the campaign’s strategic approach, Pragmatic and Unison were recognized by two well-recognized industry organizations …

We’re incredibly proud of our team and our clients!

If you could use strategic and creative marketing help, please reach out.


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