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  • Lloyd Lee

Immediate COVID-19 Marketing Support

Over the past few weeks, Pragmatic has helped clients address issues related to COVID-19 by engaging as short-term agency support. Because we are agile and permanently virtual, we are well suited to tackle specific client initiatives that require immediate and flexible action.

Here are five ways we are already helping clients right now and can help you, too:

1. COVID-19 messaging review and framework Pragmatic can play the role of independent third-party editor (“clearing house”), reviewing messaging across an organization to ensure a consistent and empathetic tone during these sensitive times. For some clients, we are taking it a step further and developing a formal messaging framework to create alignment across departments and channels.

2. Expedited critical customer communications

While many clients have internal creative resources, Pragmatic serves as surge capacity to execute urgent communications, including both copy and design. We can also act as an alternative resource because our development cycles are often faster than internal teams.

3. Audit of existing customer journeys We step back and provide a third-party audit of either the entire customer journey or key parts of it. We look specifically for instances that need to be reviewed and adjusted for the impact of COVID-19, or new touch point opportunities to further improve the customer experience during this time.

4. Pause-time optimization planning While some campaigns may be on hold until later this year, we’re using this time for optimization planning. For example, we’ve already used this time to conduct a formal print RFP for a client that resulted in significant savings. We’re also using the time for another client by cleaning up their marketing automation platform – streamlining, eliminating and building new journeys.

5. Value prop realignment We recommend a proactive evaluation of your value proposition, ensuring you can hit the ground running when business is back to normal — and gain an advantage over competitors. This includes an in-depth review of “The Four Ps” – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.

No one knows what the “new normal” will really look like in the long-run. What we do know is: we can help you adapt. At Pragmatic, we are leveraging our nimble agency model to provide as much valuable support as we can right now.

Please reach out if we can help you – and, above all, stay safe and healthy!


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