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Our partnership with Brady United: How marketing can help spark change

It’s been over a year since the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that prompted our partnership with Brady United … and not even 24 hours since the latest incident of gun violence in our country. The fact is, gun violence is an epidemic that’s impacting our communities and our loved ones, and we’re proud that our team has not only taken a stand, but we’ve also taken action.

In our most recent engagement, we supported Brady’s annual “Take Action to End Gun Violence” event held in San Francisco on October 17. Hosted by Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, with special guest host W. Kamau Bell, the event was a significant opportunity for the organization to raise funds in support of their year-round efforts.

Leveraging the power of performance marketing

From data sourcing and targeting strategy to organic and paid marketing creative, the Pragmatic team used our “strategy meets execution” mantra to combine thoughtful, proven tactics and creative best practices to drive sponsorships and attendance. Following the trend set last year, this year’s event exceeded the organization’s goal and raised over $1 million toward ending gun violence.

Our own Jessica Rael-Brook and Jen Lee represented Pragmatic at the event, sharing a moving and surreally important experience.

Jen reflected on the night of advocacy and education – “We sat with 3 families who lost children at the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and I can’t express enough how much I admired their strength. I spoke to one father who shared the meaning of the bracelets on his wrist, specifically the coiled rainbow one which his late daughter wore for every one of her softball games. I left the event heartbroken for these families but also inspired by their strength and willingness to share their stories.”

Hitting close to home for both her and Jessica, the gun violence epidemic is impacting children at an alarming rate.

As a mother, this is a huge looming fear of mine as my 2-year-old gets closer to school age. Firearms are now the leading cause of injury death among children in the US. Read that again. And 76% of school shootings are facilitated by kids having access to unsecured and/or unsupervised guns at home.” – Jessica.

Keeping the momentum going

As a team, we’re honored to have the opportunity to support such a crucial movement. And as marketers, we know that the conclusion of an event like this is actually just the beginning when it comes to nurturing our audience.

We’re now in the process of executing our strategic 100-day journey that aims to keep sponsors and attendants engaged in Brady news and updates. It’s vital that we keep the momentum of such a meaningful event moving forward.

Celebrating progress

Earlier in the year, we partnered with our colleagues at Brady to drive sponsorships of the Annual Action Awards gala in Washington, D.C., where our own Brooke Thompson attended.

The Brady Team did a beautiful job executing the event and the speeches from leaders like Bradley Whitford, Congressman Maxwell F., Governor Phil Murphy, Jonathan Capehart, Kevin Quinn and Brady President, Kris Brown, were all thoughtful and moving. I am proud of the work we did to drive sponsors to the event and look forward to our continued support.” – Brooke

Celebrating the progress of gun violence prevention advocates across the country, the gala was sold out – which demonstrates just how great the passion is for ending this epidemic.

Helping to spark change

As a team, we’ve proud to leverage our direct marketing skills for a cause so important and so urgent. In an ecosystem of legal experts, lobbyists, philanthropists, and government representatives, we are honored to play a part in sparking change.

If you feel moved to contribute, you can donate to Brady United or get involved.


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