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Sending love and support to Texas

Dear friends, family, colleagues, and clients in Texas,

We know these last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. Two of our own Pragmatic employees are Texans who struggled through power outages, water issues, and broken pipes. And while the immediate impact of the unprecedented winter weather event is hopefully declining, with power back on and water flowing, we want to do what we can to help.

There are undoubtedly members of Texas communities that are still in need, and that’s why we’ve chosen to contribute to the incredible efforts of Rebuilding Together Houston.

Rebuilding Together Houston helps ensure safe homes and communities

As a part of the national network of Rebuilding Together organizations, their volunteers repair the homes of low-income seniors, U.S. Military Veterans, homeowners with disabilities, and working families impacted by natural disasters. Their goal is to help Houstonians stay in their homes by mitigating health and safety hazards and improving the home’s overall stability. And during this time, they’re offering free emergency plumbing repairs to stop leaks and restore water service.

They also have several programs year-round designed to help restore homes in need, maintain safe indoor air quality, and make other safety updates.

We love Rebuilding Together

As an agency, Pragmatic partners with Rebuilding Together San Francisco as volunteers and as pro bono marketers – and we knew their network would be stepping up their mission in Texas to help impacted individuals. We’re proud to support them with a financial contribution.

If you’d like to contribute as well, you can visit


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