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Together we can end gun violence


It was after the tragedy in Uvalde that we decided to take action.

We have all been touched by gun violence in some way. All of us. In its wake, alongside anger, pain, and shock, lies a devastating helplessness. This time, we were determined to do something.

Although we didn’t have lobbying experience or legal influence, we did have one strength to contribute to the fight against gun violence: direct marketing expertise.

Thanks to the ambitious spirit of one team member and another’s fortuitous connection, we forged a partnership with Brady United, one of our country’s oldest and boldest nonprofits committed to ending violence. Their motto is “take action, not sides,” and we’ve been utterly honored to support them.

We focused our efforts on driving sponsorships for a fundraising event at the Chase Center in San Francisco featuring Steve Kerr and the Warriors.

True to our “strategy meets execution” formula, we dove in with a general approach assessment and provided strategic recommendations supported by list strategy and data investigation. Then we crafted performance-optimized outreach emails, event flyers and a landing page promoting the event.

We also organized, conceptualized, and storyboarded a PSA video that was filmed at the Warriors’ Media Day and revealed during the event. One of the prompts not only resulted in thoughtful responses from the players, but also stuck with us as a reminder of what’s possible: “What does a future without gun violence mean to you?”

We are incredibly proud to share that the event was hugely successful with $816,000 raised toward ending gun violence – 8X the typical donation annual total for the chapter.

Our own Jay Dillemuth and Christie McFall attended the event and experienced the moving, memorable and empowering moment.

“As a parent, this is an important issue that has recently come close to home. Thank you, Steve Kerr, for voicing the frustration that the majority of us feel, and for using your platform to make the world a better place.” – Jay Dillemuth

As we learned through this process and heard from Steve Kerr himself, together we can end gun violence.

If you feel moved to contribute, you can donate to Brady United or get involved.


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