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  • Ellen Scott

Top 4 ways we use HubSpot to grow our business

At Pragmatic, you’ll never hear us say “do as we say, not as we do” when it comes to growth strategy. As a direct and digital agency specializing in demand generation, we treat our own marketing and sales efforts like we would a client’s – and that includes marketing automation.

Like any growth-minded business, we use a combination of people, platforms, and processes to grow our client roster. One helpful tool in our arsenal is HubSpot. If you’re thinking about adopting HubSpot or already have a license, there are several great features native to the platform. As a head start, here are four tips for using HubSpot features based on our own experience:

1. Get a handle on your sales pipeline with “Deals”

At Pragmatic, we track and measure our ongoing prospecting conversations with a custom pipeline built into the “Deals” feature. However, your sales steps are your own, so make sure your tracking tool can mimic how your team works today.

2. Lean into Account Based Experiences with “Target Accounts”

If your business has identified a few must-win accounts, HubSpot’s “Target Accounts” environment can help monitor and design custom communication journeys. Track whether each individual within each account is friendly vs. skeptical, and what they may need to know in order to trust your credentials.

3. Automate personalized outreach with “Sequence” emails

It can be cumbersome to scale your 1:1 communication to prospects. Sequences close the gap between demand generation mass marketing and a bespoke, hand-drafted message.

4. Manage your CRM nimbly with HubSpot’s CRM & custom properties

Flag, group, and segment your CRM with a host of out-of-the-box properties. Then tailor your CRM to your needs by creating custom properties, lists, and views.

Although we use HubSpot for our own marketing and sales efforts, we are platform-agnostic when it comes to marketing technology for our clients. Not every instrument is right for every use case, and we have deep expertise in a wide range of platforms and their various strengths / weaknesses. Let’s chat about the tools that are right for you and your business.


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